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Single Sitting RCT

When is Root Canal treatment required?

When the tooth decay spreads to the deeper areas i.e., pulp, it causes continuous pain due to infection & inflammation of living tissue. You may have difficulty in chewing food and intake of foods and beverages can cause sharp pain which makes normal day to day activity very difficult.

Occasionally tooth injury can result in fractures, chipping away of tooth structure wherein, RCT can be indicated. In cases of faulty fillings as well as faulty crowns need of RCT can arise.

We here at Dr. Varshney’s DENT-O-CARE provide:

  • Painless Root Canals
  • Single Sitting Root Canals (Vary if very severe infection)

The advantage of getting it done is you can restore your natural tooth and keep it intact by crown placement.


  • Pain when eating or putting pressure on the area
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold lingering after removal of stimuli
  • Bump on the gums (Pimple like) on the gums near tooth pain area
  • Tooth darkening after trauma
  • Pain/swelling in the gums near area of tooth pain