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Complete Gum Treatment

This includes dental cleaning, care of bad breadth, splinting & bone grafting

It includes dental cleaning, care of bad breath, antibiotics & anti-inflammatory for symptomatic relief, bite correction, splinting, placing medicines directly into pockets (Local drug delivery, gingivectomy, flap surgery, bone grafting and augmentation of areas indicated for implants and bone deficient.

It is important to schedule routine teeth cleanings as recommended by the specialist. On average people get their teeth cleaned about every six months, but depending on your unique needs you may require more frequent visits.

The advanced stage of gum disease can destroy both gum as well as the bone around the teeth resulting in loss of function. In such cases regeneration of tissues can be attempted using grafting procedures (bone grafts & membranes). Such procedures can also be required prior to implant placement for bone preparation. Splinting can be done prior to regenerative procedures to stabilize the teeth with lost periodontium for better healing responses.

Preventive Dental care at Dr. Varshney’s DENT-O-CARE combines In-office and At-home teeth cleaning procedures for your beautiful & healthy smiles. Professional teeth cleaning helps prevent cavities and gingivitis and also includes digital x-rays saving the periodontal tissues & preventing expensive dental treatments in the future.

Gum disease is actually the most common dental problem. Since, the beginning signs & symptoms are very subtle, being undiagnosed gum disease can result in other health concerns (Diabetes & Heart disease). The earlier detection can be based on symptoms like – Bleeding gums, bad breath or bad taste, tenderness of gums, pockets and loosening / drifting of teeth (spaces between the teeth increase).

Scheduling a regular cleaning appointment & dental examination can prevent the bad breath problems.


  • Bad taste/ breath
  • Red /swollen gums that bleed easily
  • Teeth that feel loose / shifting/ migrating
  • Sensitivity
  • Spaces in between teeth